Help the beehive collective raise $20,000 to support nonprofits working on sustainability in Raleigh.

The beehive collective has selected Sustainability: People, Planet, and Prosperity as its 2011 theme for grant making. The Beehive Collective seeks to fund work in Raleigh that simultaneously meets the triple bottom line of sustainability:
1. People – social justice & community. Improving public health and well being; fighting poverty, racism and other forms of inequality; and building a more vibrant and inclusive community.
2. Planet – minimizing our negative impacts on the planet and having clean water to drink, healthy air to breathe, green space for exercise and recreation in our beautiful hometown, and sustainable forms of transportation and development as our city grows.
3. Prosperity – strengthening Raleigh's local economy. The strongest bonds that hold our community fiber together are forged only when a community controls the fate of its own dollars.

There are a wide variety of types of projects the Beehive would consider funding under this theme including community gardening, environmentally friendly housing or landscaping, advocacy for mass transit, and many others.

Our History of Giving
• 2008: A $10,000 grant to Passage Home on the theme of economic security and financial literacy.
• 2009: Two grants totaling $23,000 to Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness and Community Success Initiative on the theme of economic security and financial literacy.
• 2010: Two grants totaling $25,000 to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Catholic Charities on the theme of food access, education, and sustainability.

About the beehive collective
The beehive collective is a group, primarily made up of young Raleigh women, that is pooling our collective talents and resources to organize fun projects that raise meaningful amounts of money for the causes we care about.

In short, we are pollinating community giving in Raleigh and inspiring young women to lead. Learn more at


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